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Wella Ultimate Repair Shampoo 250ml

Wella Ultimate Repair Shampoo 250ml

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Wella Ultimate Repair Shampoo is a rich, creamy shampoo with a lightweight foaming formula. Step 1 of the Ultimate Repair Routine, it gently and effectively cleanses hair with a luxurious lather. It detoxifies and rebuilds heat and bleach damaged hair both inside and out, leaving it looking healthy, shiny and smooth.


  • Suitable for daily use, Wella Ultimate Repair is the ultimate shampoo that delivers a smooth and healthy hair feel.
  • Formulated with Metal Purifier technology, it helps remove impurities that can cause hair damage - metals, product build up, oils, dirt and pollution, and starts to rebuild the hair inside and out. 
  • Contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acid and Omega 9: AHA rebuilds the inside strength of the hair , and Omega 9 replenishes the outside barrier or heat and bleach damaged hair.
  • When used as a complete hair care routine, Wella Ultimate Repair system perfects your hair in just 90 seconds*
  • Designed for those looking for the highest level of repair and a natural, healthy hair feel
  • Provides holistic repair, making you look and feel legendary!
  • Dermatologically tested vegan haircare, committed to no animal testing~
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures: medium, oily, fine, thick, straight, wavy, curly, coily, kinky, Asian and Afro

*when using Ultimate Repair Step 3 (Miracle Hair Rescue)

~ Wella company is a member in International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety

How to use:

Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. Repeat as desired. For best results and healthy looking hair, use together with Step 2 (conditioner) Step 3(Miracle hair rescue)and Step 4 (protective leave in cream) of the Wella Ultimate Repair System