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Hair Perms

Get First-Rate Hair Perms at Les Sheikh Hair Design

Change your look and book a hair perm appointment at Les Sheikh Hair Design to experience exceptional services in a pleasant atmosphere. Even though the popularity of hair perms dissipated for a while, this is no longer the case, men and kids have also discovered the convenience of this treatment that has become quite popular again.

First-Rate Hair Perms

Tips Regarding Men's Hair Perms

Perms are a terrific way to add body and volume to your tresses.

  • Choose the right perm. There are many types of perms such as pin-curls, textured perms, waves, and spiral perms. We will work with you to decide which curls are suited for you.
  • Getting the perm. For men’s hair perms, you should base your choice on the length and natural texture of your hair. Consulting a professional for kids' hair perms is a necessity because the process requires chemicals. Your hairstylist will be able to give your child the right type of bouncy curls while preventing as much damage as possible.
  • Maintaining your luscious locks. Now that your hair is curly, you need to preserve your look for as long as possible. Remember the golden rule not to wash your hair for at least 24 hours afterwards to ensure the perm takes full effect. You will receive our professional advice to keep your curls soft and manageable. You can purchase products from our salon that are specifically designed to preserve your curls.
Kid's and Men's hair perms services

Related Services We Provide to Kids' and Men's Hair Perms

There is always more to a hair salon than just having your hair cut or blow waved. At Les Sheikh Hair Design, we do not only offer perms. We also provide several related services to cater to all our clients.

  • Colouring your hair is not only about changing your look. There are many benefits to colour treatments. If you have slightly damaged or weak hair, colouring it can build-up strength in your locks. If you are not comfortable changing your colour completely, we also offer balayage. Balayage is where we will give you natural-looking highlights by 'painting' the colour onto your hair.
  • Loyalty program. When you become a regular client with us, you will be treated to discounts, complimentary services, and money off hair care products. You can achieve your look at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Treatments. Whether you want to fight the frizz or boost your curls, we can offer you the right treatment for your hair. Having your hair treated occasionally provides many benefits. Our treatments will increase your hairs’ strength, reduce any dryness, and assist with dandruff problems.

About Les Sheikh Hair Design

With over a decade’s worth of experience, we feel confident in offering our clients the most professional service possible and our GHD Elite status attests to this. Our team encompasses a diverse range of stylists whom all have different strengths and abilities. We always put our customers first and take pride in our salon's relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

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