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Hair Colouring

Enhance your Look with New Hair Colouring

With innovative technologies and formulas, the ingredients in hair colouring have significantly improved. Let our team at Les Sheikh Hair Design transform your locks while improving the condition of your hair with our high-quality products and services.

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Tips When Opting for Men's Hair Colouring

An increasing number of men turn to us to transform their look. While you may think it’s an easy job to create at home, the odds of achieving the look that you had in mind are minimal.

  • Choosing the right colour to compliment your skin tone makes all the difference. Our stylists have many years’ experience with a multitude of complexions and understand which colours will enhance your features, and which shades to avoid. We advise on a colour that will match your eyebrows and flatter your face.
  • If you are new to colouring your hair, there are a few things to ask your stylist to maximise your latest look. The required maintenance required between appointments is the difference between preserving your appearance and losing your vibrant contemporary style. Our stylist will recommend using a product like a colour shampoo to keep your hair looking its best. Timing your appointments also lessens the maintenance needed on your do.
  • Our stylists are excellent when it comes to covering up those pesky grey hairs. We strategically comb the colour through your hair, creating a more natural look. Our team advises not to stray too far from your natural colour, to prevent harsh-looking appearance. Constant communication during your appointment allows us to understand your requirements, ensuring you are happy with your result.
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What You Should Know about Kids Hair Colouring

It’s the start of the summer holidays, and your child asks you for a splash of colour in their hair. We offer a temporary, and safe solution to let you both get your way.

  • Bright colours aren’t just for ‘rebellious’ kids anymore, and all kids want in on the current fun trends. Our temporary or semi-permanent hair dye coats the outer cuticle of the hair, without penetrating the shaft.
  • Washable hair colours contain no harsh chemicals. The colour pigment gathers on top of the hair and is not fully dissolved into the hair. Our temporary colour adds definition to natural hairstyles, without causing damage to your hair.
  • Semi-permanent hair dye allows kids to experiment without the commitment of permanent colouring. Depending on your hair, our dyes last between two to eight washes, so if you don’t like the result, you can soak it out, and opt for a different shade of colour.

Signs You Should Invest in Our Hair Colouring Services

Are you worried about damaging your hair from dye? Studies show that colouring your hair can actually strengthen it, by sealing the cuticle. Hair dye can also smooth down frizzy hair, resulting in sleek, shiny locks. If you follow the latest trends straight from the runway, then colouring your hair can help create that perfect look. Have you noticed signs of ageing in your hair, with more and more greys appearing? Our qualified stylists cover greys in a natural way.

Whatever your reason to switch up your hair colour, contact us for an appointment.

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